Life is a marathon every day. So why not strive to enjoy each step. My coaching options are specifically designed to help you think better, feel better, live better and laugh better—every day:


Thinking about how to best begin cleaning up your act can be utterly overwhelming. If you are confused about which foods are really good for you, you’re not alone! Between contradictory nutrition articles rooted in pseudoscience, diet-industry propaganda, and the latest “must-try- this-so-you’ll-live-to-be-an-ancient-grain” food trends, it’s no wonder our bullshit detectors are going completely haywire. All the misinformation is enough to make you want to cast your chia seeds aside, smash your mason jar meal against the wall, punch the closest Paleo person you see in the face, and drown yourself in a float pod full of refined coconut oil. Or should it be unrefined? Ack! 

If you feel like you could use a little extra push to get off your ass(et) and reclaim your health, hands-on coaching might be right for you.

There’s no dogma, diets or deprivation and I’ll never badmouth chocolate. Just straight forward, easy-to-implement advice anyone can follow—no matter how busy life is!


Which Areas Does Jill Focus On?