30-Day "Get Off Your Ass(et) and Reclaim Your Health"
GROUP Jumpstart Program

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Group programs not only allow you to get coaching at an affordable price, you also get to connect with others who share your inspiring vision through a private Facebook Group.

Jill runs her Group programs using the F.U.N.W.A.Y. approach. Who needs crash diets and military squats when you can get wellthy the fun way. Together, we’ll explore your specific concerns and discover the tools needed to balance your busy life and help you get your spark back. 

The F.U.N.W.A.Y. approach shows you how to:

F - Fuel your body and mind with wholesome energy using fun-for-everyone, easy-to-prepare recipes and time-saving tips.

U - Understand your body’s hidden messages so you can make better food choices, conquer your cravings, and kick your metabolism into gear.

N - Nurture yourself with guilt-free self-care tools that reduce stress and increase energy, so you can check off your to-do list without checking into the funny farm.

W - Workout smarter, not harder. Find physical activities that are a fun fit for your personality. Tone up, slim down and reclaim your confidence in less time than it takes to pack a bento box.

A - Act like a winner. Start taking steps to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Y - Yearn to put your authentic stamp on everything you touch. This is your life, it’s time to make the most of it.