Inspiring, motivating and wildly funny, Self-Made Wellionaire is the wellness book you’ve been searching for. Jill Ginsberg will not only help you create a better life but a better mind to go with it. This book is about the whole picture, not just how to make more money or achieve the perfect bikini bod. When you get your head straight, everything comes together and Jill will give you the tools to get you there. Her wicked humor
doesn’t hurt, I laughed the whole read! 

—Heather K. Terry, founder of NibMor Chocolate
author of From Broadway to Wall Street

Biz in the front. Party in the back. You’re like the freaking mullet of the business world! I’m going to call you Jilly Ray Cyrus.
—someone who spoke to Jill at a bar

I loved this book! As usual, Jill’s writing manages to be inspiring, practical and often hilarious. The book is packed with ideas and action steps that are invaluable to anyone interested in ways to live a healthy and happy life.
—Ben Relles, head of Comedy, YouTube

If you want no-nonsense advice from someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone (although technically she does pick up a lot of my shit) this is the book for you.
—Jill’s dog’s subconscious

My wellness account was practically empty; to paraphrase Top Gun, I was writing checks that my body couldn’t cash. Luckily Jill Ginsberg has me well on my way to becoming a “Self-Made Wellionaire.” The sound strategies and warm humor she offers on every page of her book will land any reader in the wellthiest tax bracket.
—Wendy Shanker, author of Are You My Guru? How Medicine, Meditation & Madonna Saved My Life

Jill’s book changed my life. Literally. I’m indebted to her. Which is fine because I’m fucking loaded.
—Rich Prosperous, founder of Weeping Zillows

A fun approach to getting healthy, Self-Made Wellionaire uses simple business strategies to change how you approach improving your life, with small, actionable steps anyone can achieve.
—Elizabeth Stein, founder + CEO Purely Elizabeth, author of Eating Purely

The one book on wellness I’d have if I could have just one. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve read since the 1994 Pennsylvania Drivers Handbook. 
—Jill’s High School Drivers Ed Teacher

Whether you’re the CEO of a company or CEO of your family kitchen, there’s something here for you! Jill has taken the best of what she’s seen work as an MBA-educated business person and combined it with her nutrition knowledge to deliver simple tips, actions and templates for life success. These practical steps are sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor that will keep you chuckling and engaged on your personal path to Self-Made Wellionaire. A brilliant solution for combining the best of both worlds!
—Sue Brown, author of Simply Sugar Free: Six Simple Steps to Conquer Sugar Addiction

Jill has done the perfect job of inspiring, teaching, motivating, and guiding those seeking to improve their lives. However, I really wish she wouldn’t have used the word “fucking” in Chapter 6. 
—Jill’s Mom, who doesn’t seem to realize that she also just used the word “fucking”

I’ve read tons of self-help books that don’t ever push me to action, but this one is brilliant. Jill is a genius for taking basic business tools and translating them to everyday life to get healthy. And with a nice dose of humor!
—Sarina Godin, president, butter LONDON cosmetics

This book is just the kick in the pants I needed, and it’s a fun read. In fact I read the whole thing while I had Jill placed on hold.
—a support technician from Dell

Your body is a factory: It’s either running efficiently, and creating more health and vitality for you, or you’re running it into the ground—with mismanagement, union strikes, and forced labor. Using time-honored and effective techniques that work in any size business, Jill Ginsberg uses humor and relatable stories to guide you step by step toward creating a healthy lifestyle in any size body. Learn how to run a tight ship (and maybe even get a tight ass in the process) as you discover how to run your body like a boss (the good kind of boss, not the lousy kind). Who knew creating better eating habits and increasing your health currency could actually be both satisfying AND entertaining? Don’t just read this book, use it—and you’ll soon have a personal health balance sheet that is worthy of a Wellionaire: “rich with energy, health, purpose, and joy”
—Kris Prochaska, M.A., author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice and Prosper

Thanks to Self-Made Wellionaire, I’m the lightest and sharpest I’ve ever been in my adult life.
—a cloud shaped like a porcupine

Buy this book. You’ll want to highlight, mark pages, and write your own notes as you create your path to wellness—and the library frowns on that, so you need to own it like Jill’s step-by-step advice will have you owning your health. Recommended!
—Anne Weiler, CEO and co-founder, Wellpepper, Inc.

Self-Made Welllionaire provides a humorous roadmap to health that will benefit anyone. Read it yourself and give it to the people you love. Hell, give it to the people you hate, too. 
—Harry Bush-Dong, author of When Good Parents Give Kids Bad Names

Not only is Self-Made Welllionaire spot on in its guidance around what constitutes health, but Jill Ginsberg's spirited execution, with just the right combo of bite and humor, makes it a totally fantastic read. From her practical advice and insights around wellness to the fun cartoons, photos and the hysterical "glossary of obnoxious business cliches," this book is perfect for that busy professional who thinks he/she has no time to spend on taking care of him/herself. Prepare to laugh—a lot—and have your life change for the better.  
—Mary Purdy, Registered Dietician and Blogger at