Private VIP coaching is perfect for those who are committed to solving pesky health challenges. This program is customized to help you maximize results on the inside and out, and is ideal for clients who want to lose weight, heal digestive or other chronic health challenges, conquer fatigue or completely overhaul their eating lifestyle.

Imagine having a personal human app who could collect data, analyze patterns and help you see exactly what's getting in the way of you feeling your best.

We'll chat on the phone or Skype about lots of things including, umm, your health. We’ll use my signature Self-Made Wellionaire system to hone in on your vision, set clear goals and begin taking action steps to get you exactly where you want to be. I'll use my "human app" skills to create a specific and totally customized plan of action to help you get off your ass(et) so you can start reclaiming your health.

Only a few slots are available each month. To apply click below.

Your 3 month Program Includes:
 •   Two 60-minute counseling sessions per month either in person or via Skype/phone (6 total sessions)
 •   A personalized Wellness Action Plan  
 •   A Food/Mood/Exercise journal for daily tracking, with weekly analysis and recommendations
 •   Customized handouts and helpful resources to meet your unique needs
 •   Cutting edge nutrition information to help you stay on top
 •   Unlimited email support between sessions
 •   Invitations to exclusive wellness workshops and seminars
  •  Customized recipe development designed to suit your preferences
 •   A subscription to our monthly e-newsletter


• You want to make lasting change, starting now, with real no-nonsense advice that cuts right to the chase
• You can handle the truth, don’t get easily offended, and have a sense of humor
• You want to balance your busy life, say goodbye to burnout, and get your spark back
• You are ready to break out of your rut
• You’re tired of feeling tired and losing your cool with your kids and/or loved ones
• You’re done making excuses for not achieving your wellness goals  


If you’re feeling drained and don’t know where to begin feeling better… it’s time to get your shit together. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to submit your short application.
  2. After Jill reviews your application, she will let you know if she has availability.
  3. Once Jill confirms availability, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to a secure online data collection survey and payment form. The data collection survey is where Jill gathers the essential details related to your health history, wellness goals, and potential obstacles. 
  4. Jill will then contact you to schedule your initial consultation call. Note: All appointments are Pacific Standard Time. You’ll need to complete the data collection survey at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session time.
  5. During your consultation call, Jill gathers the information she needs to develop your customized 3 month plan of care. She hones in on the biggest issues that are holding you back, and then walks you through specific steps she will take to help you get your shit together so you can start moving forward right away.
  6. You will then schedule your 6 sessions and begin your program accordingly.
  7. After each session, Jill follows up within 48 hours with a brief email highlighting the key points and Action Steps discussed on your call.
  8. You will continue to have email access to Jill for the duration of your program.