Jill is a natural born entertainer who motivates and inspires audiences with her fun, no-holds-barred style. Using personal anecdotes and lessons she’s learned in her fifteen-plus year career as a business woman and health coach, she keeps people laughing and on the edge of their seats—which only makes it easier for them to get off their ass(et) and reclaim their health. 

She shares her compelling new system for implementing wellness change and her original brand of motivational humor during seminars and group workshops. Audiences include corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, writer and blogging conferences and entrepreneurial groups. 

Speaking Topics:

  • Finding Success Through Feeling Good: Lighthearted Stories and Lessons From People Who Have Done It. An evening of humor, storytelling, and Jill’s 3 golden secrets for making healthy change that sticks.
  • Self-Health 101.whatever: 4 Simple Strategies to stop feeling crappy and start feeling radiant. Learn Jill’s fun tips for diversifying your nutrition, exercise, and self-care portfolio so you can start feeling like a million bucks.
  • Run Your Life Like A Boss: How Thinking Like A Manager Can Help You Take Charge Of Your Health … And Everything Else. Learn how common business strategies can help you become the CEO of your own life.
  • You Are A SMARTy-Pants: How to create winning wellness goals so you can set yourself up for success, start  taking action, and improve your performance in and out of the office.
  • A Wellth of EnergyHow To Leave The Land of The Living Dead And Wake Up To The Possibilities. Learn how to apply Jill’s foolproof equation for helping people ignite their energy, fire up their brains, and find their power-savings mode.
  • Get Off Your Ass(et): Four Simple Ways To Reclaim Your Health No Matter How Busy You Are. Find out the four biggest wellness hacks Jill uses to help people get out of their own way so they can get on (and stay on!) the path to wellth.
  • Self-Made Wellionaire: Three Ways To Protect Your Wellth So You Can Continue Feeling Like a Million Bucks. Find out how you can maximize time, mitigate risk and track your way to the top of your game.

Some of the organizations Jill has conducted workshops for include:

Group Workshop Topics (each program is conducted as a 3 part series):

  • Hedging Your Bets In the Kitchen: Meal Planning Principles Made Easy
  • Get Wellthy The Fun Way: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Off Your Ass(et), Reclaiming Your Health and Feeling Like A Million Bucks
  • A Wellth of Energy: How To Leave The Land of The Living Dead And Wake Up To The Possibilities — A Deeper Dive
Jill’s candid delivery during our Live Webinar kept the audience engaged from start to finish. The additional resources she provided via handouts, worksheets and tools on her website, were a welcome surprise bonus for our WiRL audience – she is very thoughtful about each and every audience she works with and conscientiously prepares her message to fit with their ‘real life’.
— Elina Johnson – Thought Leader Relations, WiRL
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot thank you enough for being here today at the Wester Region Leadership Conference. The experience you helped to create for these students is lasting - more than we will ever know!
— Eliza Webb, WA DECA
Jill was absolutely wonderful to work with. She came prepared with a variety of different topics and themes that were directly relevant to the goals of our group. When I couldn’t pick just one topic (because they were all so good!) she created a hybrid workshop that perfectly addressed all the topics that we wanted covered.
— L. Kent, University of Washington