If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself running out the door, secretly patting yourself on the back for remembering the miscellaneous assortment of items that need to come along. Coats, water bottles. All of the children. Fully clothed (bonus!). Though, let’s face it, only fifty percent are likely to be wearing clean underwear. And, of course, snacks to hold them all over.

Until at the last minute, like clockwork, you remember that you also need something to hold yourself over. Whether it’s to help you get through these outings with the kids or to keep you fueled between meetings and other work responsibilities, it’s helpful to have some easy go-to snacks you can always count on in a pinch. 

Almond butter saves my ass every time—and it can save yours, too. Here's why:

  1. Packed with protein, fiber and healthy fat, it’s got all the major macronutrients to keep you going for a while.
  2. Plus there are lots of practically instantaneous snacks you can make with almond butter. You can quickly spread it on toast or english muffins, smear it on a banana or apple slices, or stuff almond butter in a pitted date* for the perfect energizing boost. It really doesn’t get any easier!
  3. Don’t even get me started about the endless dessert possibilities, too. I make some pretty darn amazing almond butter blondies which have been known to make me the envy of a party or two. Just the other day I brought some crunchy almond butter truffles to a cookie swap, along with some other goodies. Pretty sure a few people wanted to jump my bones solely on the basis of those truffles alone. Though, come to think of it, I was wearing a very cute little fitted jacket and a t-shirt that said JERSEY SHORE but the “S” in "shore" was covered and I think some people might have thought it was a “W.” (Just a working theory…)
  4. I also make some killer energy balls and homemade granola bars that I like to stuff my face with, as well as my kids lunch boxes, every now and then. These are super easy to make and only take a few minutes to prepare. So I make a bunch at a time and then store them in a container in the freezer for easy on-the-go grabbing.  

Like I said, almond butter is a true life saver for me and I’ve also seen it get many a client out of a food quandary. That’s why I highly recommend you make it a kitchen staple if it isn’t already in your rotation. I tend to buy the organic raw variety (surprisingly affordable at Trader Joe’s) but it also comes in roasted or salted, crunchy or smooth. No need to stare at the grocery store shelf until your eyes glaze over wondering if you should go with “stir” or “no stir”.  Any variety will get the job done, so just grab one and get the hell out of there already. Sheesh, it’s not as if that new episode of This Is Us is going to watch itself.

Of course being that the almond is a nut, some people are allergic to it. In this case, you should obviously steer clear of almond butter unless you want to risk an anal explosion or—worse—anaphylaxis. (Pretty sure it won’t seem like such a life saver then.) Try natural sunflower butter instead.

* I don’t mean to undermine your intelligence by telling you to take the pit out of the date first. But half of our country did just vote for Donald Trump, so…