You don’t have to do hundreds of military squats, train for a half marathon or sweat smelly buckets to reap the big benefits of exercise. But if you want to stay healthy and feel your best, you need to make exercise a regular part of your daily routine, no matter how drained you feel.

It’s never too late to get started and it doesn’t have to be hard. Even a total lazy ass can incorporate these 3 invigorating easy exercises into their daily routine. No specialized equipment, jogging trails or pricey gym memberships required.

Easy Exercises:

1    Stairs – Unless you live in a ranch style house, an igloo or a tent, I’m guessing stairs are readily available in your home or building. So start using them! The next time you run up to change that load of laundry or run down to let the dog out, take some extra trips up and down the stairs while you’re already on the move. Start with ten climbs up and down. Take a break. Then tack on additional sets of 10 as you need more challenge. Try skipping every other step to work different muscles. When at the office or shopping, ditch the germ infested elevator or escalator in favor of the stairs. You work on the 18th floor? Ride up 16 flights and walk up from there the first day. Then keep adding on one additional flight of stairs every couple of days. Eventually you might be walking the entire way. No more awkward hum-drum elevator conversations with Tom from Accounting. (Approximate calories burned in 1 hour of Stair Climbing at a moderate pace: 500)

2    Walking- Expecting a call from your slutty chatty sister? Throw on some sneakers and take that conversation on the road where inquiring little minds can’t hear you. Vying for that perfect parking spot at the Target? Stop circling the lot like a psycho and, instead, park a little farther away and walk a few extra feet. Now you can direct all of that leftover competitive energy towards wiping the floor with your family during Friday Bingo night. Don’t let the weather or your location be an excuse for not getting out there. It might be harder, but you’ll burn even more calories walking in sand or snow so look on the bright side. Grab the dog, his leash and your flip flops, and head for the nearest beach. Or, if it’s snowy, hoof it to the local sledding hill with the kids. The faster you walk the warmer you’ll stay. Plus, you’ll be there to witness who really started the snow ball fight. (Approximate calories burned in 1 hour of Walking at a moderate pace: 285)

3    Household- If you’re already vacuuming, dusting and mopping then you’re also burning calories. Don’t just save the tidying regimen for when your finicky mother-in-law visits. Make the household chores a regular part of your weekly routine. Talk about killing 2 birds – your home will look better and so will you. Stagger one task on top of the other while working at a decent pace and you’ll get a genuine cardiovascular workout. Amp up the fun by blasting some of your favorite 90’s tunes and dancing while you clean. You’ll burn even more calories. And c’mon, like you haven’t fantasized about fluffing pillows while belting out Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. So the next time your kid accidentally coats the windows in sticky fingerprints, thank her for helping you out, grab that bottle of Windex and put a little elbow grease into it. Then reward her with a new pet dust bunny. She’s your kid after all which means she’s probably a tad too lazy for the real thing. (Approximate calories burned in 1 hour of: Vacuuming – 190, Mopping – 190, Dusting – 170, Window Cleaning – 180)

Climbing, walking, cleaning. It all adds up to you being healthier. Playing with your kids is another great way to sneak some easy exercises into your day. So the next time junior asks you to get in on his hopscotch game, get off your lazy ass and say yes for a change.

He’ll be thrilled to have you participate.

See, everyone wins when you’re more active.