Skipping breakfast is a dimwitted way to start your day.

Try spending a few moments in the presence of someone who had a decent breakfast versus someone who skipped breakfast. Then tell me who you’d rather spend time with.

The breakfast skipper is probably staring off into space, foggy eyed, with a stream of drool sliding down her face. While the breakfast eater is alive and well, fully alert, ready to fake laugh at your lame ass joke as you drop your kids off at school or settle into the conference room together.

That’s because skipping breakfast makes you:

1. Sleepy—the right breakfast foods contain the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need to jumpstart your day. If you don’t refuel your body, it won’t be long before fatigue sets in and you’re flakier than Ally Sheedy’s scalp in The Breakfast Club. Feeling tired and lethargic isn’t exactly going to help you make small talk or muster the motivation to exercise, either – since exercise requires energy, and, as we all learned in Elementary School, energy comes from food. So much for trimming that waistline.

2. Grumpy—You won’t just be lacking energy. Low morning blood sugar also means low patience, which means you’re far more likely to fly off the handle when your son drags his feet getting out the door in the morning. Then a couple of hours later, as you’re still beating yourself up over what a bitch of a mom you are, your body will start sending you little craving signals to help lift your energy. You’ll try to pick yourself up with a quick sugar rush or another cup of caffeine. This will probably help temporarily, but your energy will quickly plummet again – as will your mood – while your fuse grows ever shorter and your irritably soars. Just in time to reunite with the kids. How fun.

3. Fat—You’re disgusted with yourself because you can’t comfortably fit into anything but your yoga pants. Since you want to quickly drop a few pounds you decide to stop eating breakfast. If it’s all about calories in versus calories out, then shouldn’t skipping meals make you lose weight? Not so fast. Breakfast-skippers have a higher risk of packing on the pork, according to numerous important studies (or just take my word for it). That’s because, later in the day, you’re more likely to overeat the wrong things at the wrong time, when you suddenly realize how ravenous you are. Hellllo donut. Hellllllo Mocha Frappuccino. Hellllllllo entire bag of tortilla chips while parked on the couch watching Orange is the New Black. And bye-bye skinny jeans.

4. Absent Minded—More important studies show that skipping breakfast negatively impacts alertness, concentration and cognitive function in kids. But adults don’t always seem to be affected in the same way. Except when it comes to memory. So if your morning is going to involve short-term memory tasks such as, oh, trying to remember whose library book is due when, which after school activity your son has today, or what the fuck you’re supposed to do with all of those PTA forms …then you might want to tuck into a little breakfast.

5. Childish—Stop whining about how you’re not hungry and how people keep telling you not to eat when you’re not hungry, and start thinking for yourself. You’ll probably realize that your brain and body require food to function well. They need to be recharged. This doesn’t mean you have to eat a huge meal. Eat a banana with a spoonful of almond butter. Drink a smoothie. Hard boil a freaking egg. Just suck it up and take a few bites of something reasonably nutritious. Enough with the convenient excuses already. You’re a grown ass mom.

You wouldn’t send your kid off to school on an empty stomach would you? So show yourself the same compassion and, for the love of all that is holy, eat some damn breakfast with your coffee.